Recipe Unknown

We’re all about chicken – and basically the menu consists of a choice of a half chicken or a whole chicken. Depending on how hungry you are. Next to the grilled chicken we’ve got a good range of side dishes and a lot of small snacks to share with friends or lovers. We’ve got some great local beers, the best wines and homemade lemonade.

The birds are all free-range, juicy, tender and delicious. All of them bred in ‘de Veluwe’ (famous for their chickens). Marinated for 48 hours in our own secret marinade. In fact, it’s so secret only a few people know what’s in it.

The Roast Chicken Bar is housed is an old car garage and that influence can still been seen everywhere. In addition to the tables, there is seating at the long bar with a view of the roaring open fire of the charcoal grill – giving the feel of an American diner.

Roast Chicken bar
Turfmarkt, Haarlem
Roast Chicken Bar